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At the Age of 33

A poem by Arya Gopi

Kanchan Chander, ‘Drawing 40’, Acrylic and pen on paper, 4×6 inches, 2018

33 is an acute age; it is half of 66

and one-third of 99; I don’t want

to live a century here, anyhow.

It detectably has no relation to 3.


Fervent dreams restored on the

eve of my thirty-third birthday ;

Obsessed responsibilities took

amoebic shapes but the old wine

bottles preserved them airtight.

I read white was an ocular mirage;

and 33 years of reality was dark.

My coyness is no more taciturn;

I draw maps of menstrual timidity  

and start for a beguiling jaunt.


33 is the feral age; you pretend to

be matured and your saturations

inundate islands of silences; It is

modestly connected to 3 merely.

Arya Gopi  is a bilingual poet who works both in English and Malayalam with more than half a dozen published books including five Malayalam poetry collections. She has received several prestigious awards which includes the Kerala State Sahitya Akademi Kanakasree Award. A PhD Holder in English literature, she currently teaches literature at Calicut University.