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To what extent

S Vijayaraghavan

Artist’s note:

From an innate private space, I strived to exploit the potential of socio-political, personal and emotional expressions raised over self-ideology and consciousness through my artworks. My work evolves around variety, complexity, beauty and expression; juxtaposing the realm of new media technologies that brings abbreviation to an artistic expression dealing with the reality of mundane human life experiences.

I try to articulate these experiences in a more implicit, allegorical and symbolical way. In these selective body of artworks I have used single channel stop-motion animation video, mixed media on canvas evolve through our unconscious being, colonized by motorization, violence, mechanization and urbanization, deforming the habitual and the mundane. I have attempted to externalize the schizophrenia of the contemporary life facing the situation of intolerance of violation act, freedom of speech/expression and injustice against peace and Nature.

It is our inner-voice to regenerate, re-create, re-question the human ethos for positive changes in today’s democratic context.


‘To What Extent’, single channel animated video projection with no sound, 2019


‘We are Not Alone!’,mixed media on canvas, 2022

‘Remains’, acrylic with rice paper on canvas (polyptych), 40×160 cm, 2021

‘Wake Up’, acrylic on canvas (diptych), 60×120 cm,  2021

S Vijayaraghavan holds an M.F.A. degree with a major in painting from the College of Art in New Delhi. He has participated in various shows, festivals and residency programmes in India and elsewhere.