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Antharanga: A Play

Sri Neelakanteswara Natyaseva Sangha

Directed by Sankar Venkateswaran, Antharanga is a Kannada adaptation of the play Interior written by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck. The play revolves around the theme of conflict between life and death. Although life seems to be powerful, in the end, it is death that wins. All our lives are controlled by fate; like puppets, it hangs precariously on a thin string. The play takes the audience into the dark recesses of this world and enables insights that lie beyond comprehension.

A play by Ninasam Tirugata (Maru Tirugata 2020)
Original: Maurice Maeterlinck
Translation: Madhava Chippali
Music, Direction: Shankar Venkateshwaran

Sri Neelakanteswara Natyaseva Sangha received a grant from India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), under its Arts Practice programme in 2019, this project is made possible with that grant along with part support from Infosys Foundation.

Shared here with permission from the Sanchi Foundation.