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A poem by Sarabjeet Garcha

MP Pratheesh, ‘Hill’, from the series ‘Language’

Listen   will you join
                your palms with me
Listen   will you kneel
                with me   imagine
this room to be
                               a Palaeolithic cave alive
                to the wall paintings the fingers
haven’t even dreamed   let alone
                turn pigment into   Will you

fold this night   save it in your eyes
                                so when they open
                to me beyond spacetime I’ll know
it’s you
                from the same cave
we made                same cave
                that made us

Sarabjeet Garcha is a poet and translator. He is the author of four books of poems—including Lullaby of the Ever-Returning and A Clock in the Far Past—as well as a volume each of translated poetry and translated prose. He has translated several American poets into Hindi, including W.S. Merwin and John Haines, and several Indian poets into English, among them Mangalesh Dabral and Leeladhar Jagoori. His poems, translations and essays have appeared in Lyrikline, Versopolis, Modern Poetry in Translation, Words Without Borders, Asymptote, The Indian Quarterly, Domus India, Scroll, The Wire, Right Hand Pointing, Indian Literature, and several other online and print journals. Sarabjeet received a Fellowship for Outstanding Artists from the Government of India in 2013 and is the founder and editorial director of Copper Coin, a multilingual publishing company.