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Record Karo’na

Bridge Institute

Even in the face of a pandemic, people all over the world have been finding strength in each other to wade through the ongoing uncertain times. It is amazing to see how the human race has always found diverse ways to ensure its survival through hope, faith and resilience.

Record Karo’na campaign aims to fuel this remarkable spirit of the human race to not only defeat the pandemic on a psychological front but also to record their lived experiences through art and literature. People contribute poems/sketches/photographs/stories that capture their emotional responses to the pandemic.

The campaign was founded by Tabish Haider Gazi, a Kashmir-based artist and entrepreneur, who with the support of the Bridge Institute, Singapore, established collaborations with several organisations including Guftugu.

The following are some of these works.

Kafeel Shalla

Mohammad Ubaid Shah

Muazima Bhat

Salman Gazi

Muazima Zehra

Organisations like Mission Better Tomorrow and Sahapedia are also part of the campaign.

Entries can be emailed at