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At night

A Poem by Poile Sengupta

Last night I heard them as usual

hundreds of people on the rooftop

walking barefoot.


The first time I heard them, I woke him up,

he went out but saw nothing.

The next night he heard them too

thousands of people on the rooftop

barefoot, walking. Then the children heard them

hundreds and thousands of bare feet

on the rooftop, walking.


Then neighbours and friends heard them

on their rooftops;

now the whole town

hears them, thousands and thousands on rooftops

walking, barefoot.

Poile Sengupta is a writer, playwright and poet.

Kanchan Chander studied painting and printmaking and at art colleges in New Delhi, Santiago, Berlin, and Paris. She received the International Print Biennale Award, Bradford, UK, in 1986. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world. For more on her work, see