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Mirror Images in Mixed Media

Kelly Reedy

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Mirror Image

A golden thread runs through each life and beyond, connecting parent to child ⎯ generation to generation. Its unique pattern reflects the journey of an evolving Self in search of self-protection, self-knowledge and self-fruition. The video installation, Mirror Image, probes the complexities of this binding thread in the relationship between a mother and daughter. Through their encounter with the enigmatic gaze of Medusa, archetypal symbol of the Great and Terrible Mother, they merge, individuate and transfigure. By collaging fragments of her drawings, etchings, photographs, and films into a dream world, Kelly represents her personal voyage into her subconscious, mirroring the healing transformation she has experienced as a woman, daughter and mother through this venture.


Mirror Image’, single channel video projection, dimensions variable, 2017

Concept and creation: Kelly Reedy; Video artist: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan; Composer: Ankit Suri.

Kelly Reedy has over 20 years experience working in Singapore as an artist, art educator and more recently as an art therapist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin, USA, a Master of Education from Hunter College, USA and a Master of Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore & Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a qualified art psychotherapist, MA, AThR, registered with ANZATA, The Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association.