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The Brink/ images from an unfinished poem

MP Pratheesh

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Poet and critic E.V. Ramakrishnan writes of MP Pratheesh’s photographs:

An Amorphous Album of the Elemental

Pratheesh’s stark images in black and white stitch the world of the seen and the unseen into a fluid continuum. He frames the minimal at its moment of transition to the infinite and the boundless. The series as a whole is a tribute to the idea of the rim, the edge, the brink as a moment of epiphany when the world takes on a different shape, where possibilities erupt from nowhere. Light flickers expectant, stubborn, as the grainy world of the fallen and the discarded cling to life and affirm their being. They belong to a larger cycle of ruin and renewal, an amorphous album of the elemental etched on the black soil of beginnings. As I was watching these images one more time before writing these words, a black flying insect came and sat on one of the images, merging into it, and suddenly it figured out something for me which I had only vaguely felt.

MP Pratheesh is a Kerala based poet and photographer. He has published four collections of poetry in Malayalam. His poems have appeared in several places including Kavya Bharati, The Bombay Review, Kerala Kavitha, and Indian Literature.

EV Ramakrishnan is a poet and critic who writes in Malayalam and English. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the Central University of Gujarat.