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Salil Chaturvedi and Rajeshree Thakker

Artist Rajeshree Thakker responds to two poems by Salil Chaturvedi to create a response in fabric. Together, they create bridges of image and meaning.

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‘instructions to an architect’ and ‘Making the mistake of stopping before a rendezvous’ are both taken from the collection In The Sanctuary of a Poem by Salil Chaturvedi.

Salil Chaturvedi writes short fiction and poetry in English and Hindi. He was the winner of the Wordweavers Poetry Contest 2015, the Asian region winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition, 2008, and the Unisun/British Council Short Story Competition 2007. He lives with his wife in Chorao, an island in Goa.

Rajeshree Thakker is an artist based in Chicalim, Goa. She won the State Art awards from 1986 onward and received the Harmony Award for Emerging Artist and the Lalit Kala Akademi’s Millennium Art Award in 2001. Her recent accomplishments include being a participant of ‘The Sacred Feminine’, an exhibition on Goddesses and other Archetypes in March 2018, ‘Kama Interrupted’, an exhibition reinterpreting the Kama Sutra in February 2015, a show on Goan art in Hyderabad and ‘Bioscope’, an exhibition commemorating the centenary year of Indian cinema in 2013. She can be contacted at